Network modernization

IDA helps companies leverage information technology to optimize their business performance to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

We’ll accelerate your progress toward new business outcomes through our portfolio of enterprise networking, software-defined
network and IoT enablement solutions

A strong foundation for
digital evolution

To keep your organization running smoothly, your network needs to accommodate more traffic, users and devices than ever before. Legacy systems just can’t keep up. Our network modernization experts design, implement and manage solutions that boost performance and agility — giving you a competitive advantage.

An upgraded network environment gives you:

Our portfolio of enterprise
network solutions

Disjointed networks can struggle to keep up with an always-expanding data ecosystem. We implement and integrate these technologies to create an adaptable network that connects all your users and protects your data against evolving cyberthreats:

Transform your enterprise

IT strategies are increasingly intertwined with business strategies, and integrated enterprise networking provides a path to digital evolution that also drives progress toward broader organizational goals. Our secure, high-performance solutions boost efficiency and productivity by streamlining systems and simplifying management.

A modern enterprise network will expand your:

Our approach to
network modernization.

We leverage decades of expertise and trusted industry partnerships, working closely with you to deliver end-to-end services that align with your needs and goals. Plus, our solutions ease management burdens with automated features that save time and minimize errors.


In our assessments and workshops, we work to understand your environment and strategize a solution that bridges your current state and future goals.


Our implementation specialists will roll out the technologies, processes and cybersecurity controls that keep your organization connected and competitive.


Our partnership doesn’t end when your new network environment goes live. We’ll continue to refine and manage your solution to help you realize its full value.

Protection at every step

Your network is the foundation of your IT environment, holding valuable data that’s accessed, stored and transferred. We’ll help you protect sensitive information with modern security solutions that provide an unshakable defense against attacks, such as:

Building a software-
defined network..

Supporting more devices and dispersed users doesn’t have to increase the complexity of network administration. Our software-defined solutions, including Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), Software-Defined Local Area Networking (SD-LAN) and Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) can reduce costs while enabling flexibility.

We provide a range of software-defined offerings, including:

37% of leaders report modernizing networking technologies as a-top IT goal for 2022..

Businesses detail how they’re prioritizing digital transformation and improvements in the new IDG report “The Path to Digital Transformation: Where IT Leaders Stand in 2022.”